How do I book a appointment?

The easiest way is usually online as you can check pricing and find a date that suits you best.

Alternatively feel free to message us on our socials or call us at the salon to discuss your appointment.

Why do you recommend buying professional hair care products?

Its not just about our bottom line we promise!

Think about professional hair care as a investment for your colour or extension services, 99% of supermarket hair care has parabens and sulphate which will strip your colour out. Therefore your finding yourself having to come in for a colour touch up sooner than you really need to. You need moisture and protein that most supermarket hair care wont and cant give you, further to this you will find that professional hair care is super concentrated which means most times you only need to replenish after every 3rd visit (3 - 4 Months)

After all your mane is your feature invest in it.  

What is a seamless weft?

A seamless weft is essentially, Hair that is tied to a seam that is extremely flat so it gives the impression that the weft is natural and in fact your own hair

How do I maintain my weft?

When you get your weft installed by us you will be given a extension care card, this card has a detailed explanation of what to do and what not do. However the best way to look after your extensions is to use professional hair care, particularly for moisture as your extension are no longer tied to a root they don't get the nutrients of your natural hair, that's why its so important to substitute this with a professional range.

How long will my weft last?

As a rule of the thumb the average is anywhere between 10 - 12 months, however how you treat your extensions contributes to this the most. Always ensure you follow the extension care card given to you at your appointment and only use professional hair care on your extensions as these are usually sulphate and paraben free, ensuring your hair remains hydrated and fed all those healthy nutrients.

Will it be noticeable that I have a weft? 

Certainly not, Not only have we sourced some of the flattest seamless wefts on the market, you will be consulted at your appointment about your hair habits, we then take this information and install your weft in a specific position to ensure its not visible during tie up or when you let your hair down.

What extension thickness should I book for my hair type

Fine hair - Just wanting to add thickness, Half set 60g

Fine / Medium hair - Adding both thickness and length, Full set 120g

Medium / Thick Hair - Adding Length and Creating a more natural look, Thick Set 180g

A Thick set may also be used to blend out naturally short hair. (Details above based on 20" but same principal applies)

How often do I need to maintain and Pull up my extensions

We recmmoned you come back in to see use every 6 - 8 weeks for a maintenance pull up, this will help prevent matting and or any neccassary damage to your natural hair and the extensions. By maintaining them regularly it will not only help the grow out of your natural hair, but keeping your extensions in shape.